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CEO Talk: Don’t Be Afraid to Make Tough Decisions

Dec 30 2021, by Embellish Marketing in CEO Talk, Leadership

I fired my bank today. 😯

This was a decision that probably needed to be made awhile ago, but I didn’t do it because things were “fine.” I had an issue that got caught up in a perfect storm, which turned my little issue into a big one that wasn’t getting resolved despite promises that it would. It cost me HOURS of being on the phone, which meant that other important deadlines weren’t getting met due to dealing with something that shouldn’t have been this difficult to resolve in the first place. 😠

As CEO, I’ve learned that I have to protect my business (and therefore, my livelihood), so I have an expectation of myself to make needed decisions in order to be a good leader and steward of my company. So, I put on my “CEO hat” (a 👑, btw 😆) and made the call to find a better solution somewhere else, even if it causes a bit of hardship for me in the short term.

This whole experience has me thinking of prior conversations I’ve had with other women who lead businesses and non-profits. There have been times when they’ve struggled with making tough business decisions themselves, and I told them something like this to encourage them to move forward:

“You’re the boss, so it’s time to put on your CEO hat and make the decision. As long as it’s well thought out and ultimately good for your organization, no apologies or explanation are needed – because YOU are the CEO, not anyone else.”

I took my own advice today, and I’m encouraging you to consider if you also need to do the same. If there’s something that has “worked broken” or been “fine” for awhile in your business, put on your “CEO hat” and make the tough decision of letting it go in favor of a better solution in 2022. You might not have it all figured out right now, but your decisiveness will be the motivation and encouragement you need to level up in areas that haven’t been serving your business well. 👊

There’s just over 30 hours left in 2021, and I know that I don’t want to bring things that aren’t working into 2022. That mindset starts with holding myself accountable for making decisions I’ve put off for too long.

Let me know if YOU make a tough decision soon. I’d love to cheer you on! 🙌

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