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Time For A Change: A Brand Refresh

08.01.2017 in Branding

Today marks the day when, three years ago, I jumped into the world of entrepreneurship with both feet. That decision felt both brazen and exactly right. I remember feeling extremely excited, but also scared out of my mind, as I was now in charge of…

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Social Media is a Valid Marketing Tool

08.10.2014 in Social Media

Social media has evolved into a powerful marketing, public relations, and customer service tool. It’s a tool that every non-profit organization and small business should have in their marketing toolbox. Following are three reasons why you should be using social media. If You’re Not on…

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Know Thy Non-Profit Target Audience

08.08.2014 in Non-Profits

In marketing, all of your strategies and outreach should be aimed directly at your target audience. When asked, many people answer that their target audience is “everyone,” which is an inaccurate approach to marketing. A target audience is a specific group of people you intend…

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